Bus Delays

By March 4, 2015Uncategorized

Please refer to the Alpine School District website home page for information on school cancellations/delays. Buses will continue to run as long as school is in session but may experience delays in the case of inclement weather ( i.e., snow, ice, cold temperatures, etc.).

As we service a large geographical area, weather and road conditions may differ from one area of the district to another.

Special needs buses travel in multiple cities so may also be experiencing delays. Your driver or aide may call you with updated arrival times.

Ultimately, parents have the right to decide to transport their child to school or keep their child at home if their bus is delayed.

If the bus is more than five to ten minutes late on a cold day or when there is inclement weather and you decide to have your child continue to wait for the bus, we would encourage your child to find a warm place out of the weather to wait for the bus where possible.

If the bus is running more than 10 minutes late you may may also follow us on Twitter for the latest bus delay information (http://www.twitter.com/ASDbus).  You do not need a Twitter account to access the delay information on Twitter, only access to the internet via a computer or cell phone.  You may also call our dispatchers at (801) 610-8850 (East) or (801) 610-8852 (West) with the bus number/symbol and school name for more information or an updated arrival time.

Please remember to always dress your child properly for the season in case of  bus delays due to cold or inclement weather.